Look! A blog.

Greetings.  I’m Sean and this is my blog.  I’m not really the journaling type, so you’re not going to see current events and introspection and the like here.  What you will see is some fiction.

For a number of years, I’ve participated in a small writing group on a web forum.  We write a story every two weeks, critique and vote on them, and then never look at them again.


I’m going to be revisiting some of those older pieces.  Clean up, edit, overhaul.  Whatever’s needed to beat them into shape and make them post-worthy.  And I’ll be posting one here each week.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even post some top-secret, never-before-seen, can’t-buy-them-anywhere-else stuff.


From:  Malcolm Gorlitz [mgorlitz@exemplar.edu]
To:  Hieram Luftweng [luftweng@econ.exemplar.edu]
Subject:  Chicken

Dear Prof Luftweng:

I would like to request an extension on my final project in your Game Theory class (Econ 110B) on the basis of utility.  In your syllabus, between item 9 on the iterated prisoner’s dilemma and item 10 on our class prediction market, you have a sidebar saying that students are expected to act in utility-maximizing fashion.

I know the syllabus also says a late project is an automatic fail, but I believe you’ll find that there’s greater utility for both of us at the point where you allow me an extension.


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